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    Question Squid for Solaris 8

    Does anyone know how to correctly install squid on Solaris 8. I need step by step instructions if possible. Thanks

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    Does anyone know how to correctly install squid on Solaris 8. I need step by step instructions if possible. Thanks
    Hi, since nobody else is gonna answer ur question I'll give u a little help. First read the Newbie FAQ (again). Now we can have a real talk.

    I myself don't know any step by step instructions to install squid on Solaris but if I were u I would naturally search "how to install squid on solaris" (without quotes) at google. Yes u can type a full sentence or any other combination of words. Anyway, the first link comes up seems helpful to me. Check out the other links too.

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    Heya 36_chambers
    Wouldnt it be just like any other software i havent used squid and i dont know what it is but what are you
    having trouble with ? is the file you downloaded an rpm or tar.gz package ?

    if it is an rpm issue the command

    rpm -Uvh <rpm file name>

    the rpm command will make and install the file's on to you're machine then issue the command whereis squid and it will show you where the rpm has installed it to

    and if it is a tar file issue the command (NOTE i always make a directory in /tmp directory if i am installing new file's)

    gzip -d <file name.>.tar.gz

    this will uncompress the file from gzip and will take the gzip compression out of the file and you will be left with
    <file name>.tar

    then issue the command

    tar -xvf <file name>.tar

    this will uncompress all the file's in to there own directory usually called what the tar package is
    then cd in to the directory
    then type ls to list the file's look for configure then type
    make install

    then ls to look for the file and ./squid --help to get the help menu
    if the configure command is not listed when you type ls llok for a file named generic then
    make generic
    make install
    then ./squid --help for help on command's

    i dont mean to seem rude but the README file is there for a reason

    hint 'cat README'
    NOTE you can only install most file's by being root the super user acount
    use the su command to switch user's


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    what up D.O.C, thanks for the info, i will try it in class today. This is for a project.

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