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Thread: Deep Freeze

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    Question Deep Freeze

    Simple question: How do i remove the DeepFreese icon from the systray and c: drive?

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    Heya swoosh,

    did you try to change the "theme" of your windows, that should change the icon C drive icon, if that doesn't work, try downloading something like Microangelo to change the icon..

    The systray Icon is a bit harder to do..

    I could think of some ways but I think they'll be hard as hell..

    just for your info: some more about DeepFreeze...
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    Just go to start../programs../accesories../sytemtools../systeminfo../click on the startup tab../just remove the tick next to deep freese command line.Restart and it should be missing from your systray.The program will still be on your system but you will have to look for it on the start menu or explorer if you want to use it.

    hope it helps
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    Frankly, as long as you have a password set, deep freeze is damn hard to remove. It has itself emebedded in the FAT somewhere, I believe. It runs fine without the systray program (All that program does is set options), so you could just turn it off in msconfig or the registry and it should still work. (Try it first, though)
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