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    Heads up

    Hello people

    this doesent apply to me but it's a heads up for people using Windows 2000,98, NT.4.0,Millennium
    edition XP isnt affected by this exploit
    full story here


    REDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday disclosed a security flaw of "critical" severity in most versions of its popular Windows operating system.

    In its 65th security bulletin of the year, Microsoft urged users of Windows 2000, Millennium, 98 and NT 4.0 to download a software patch from the company's security Web site. Microsoft's newest version, Windows XP, does not have the problem.

    Attackers could exploit a vulnerability in the software that underlies many database functions and take over the user's computer.

    The security bulletin is the first to be issued in a simpler format, which Microsoft adopted due to complaints that its bulletins were overly detailed and confusing. The technically detailed bulletins were geared more for developers or system administrators, rather than everyday users, Steve Lipner, Microsoft's security assurance director, wrote in an e-mail to customers.

    Microsoft will continue to issue more technical versions for those who want them, Lipner wrote.

    The company also added a new category of "important" to how it rates the severity of the security flaws. The most urgent flaws are termed "critical;" the second-most urgent are "important;" the next level is "moderate" and the last is "low."


    so get patching people i will edit this post if i come across any more links

    Microsoft's security bulletin

    The patch is at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/R...eleaseID=44733

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    Could either be:


    or maybe



    Doh you edited your message while i was posting it Oh well, getting slow in my old age I guess...

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    Just to add to this heads up, here's another one issued by CERT.

    CERT Advisory CA-2002-32 Backdoor in Alcatel OmniSwitch AOS

    Original release date: November 21, 2002
    Last revised: --
    Source: CERT/CC, Alcatel

    A complete revision history can be found at the end of this file.

    Systems Affected

    * Alcatel OmniSwitch 7700/7800 switches running Alcatel Operating
    System (AOS) version 5.1.1


    Alcatel has recently discovered a serious vulnerability in AOS version
    5.1.1. Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to full
    administrative control of the device running AOS.

    I. Description

    AOS typically runs on network infrastructure devices, such as the
    Alcatel OmniSwitch 7000 series switch. According to Alcatel:

    During an NMAP audit of the AOS 5.1.1 code that runs on the Alcatel
    OmniSwitch 7700/7800 LAN switches, it was determined a telnet
    server was listening on TCP port number 6778. This was used during
    development to access the Wind River Vx-Works operating system. Due
    to an oversight, this access was not removed prior to product

    Further information about this vulnerability may be found in
    VU#181721. This issue is also being referenced as CAN-2002-1272:


    II. Impact

    An attacker can gain full access to any device running AOS version
    5.1.1, which can result in, but is not limited to, unauthorized
    access, unauthorized monitoring, information leakage, or denial of

    III. Solution

    Upgrade to AOS 5.1.1.R02 or AOS 5.1.1.R03

    Contact Alcatel's customer support for the updated AOS.


    Block access to port 6778/TCP at your network perimeter.

    Appendix A. - Vendor Information

    VU#181721 was written by Alcatel. As new vendor information is
    reported to the CERT/CC, we will update VU#181721 and note the changes
    in our revision history.

    Appendix B. - References

    1. VU#181721: Alcatel OmniSwitch 7700/7800 does not require a
    password for accessing the telnet server -

    2. OmniSwitch_7000_brief -

    3. CAN-2002-1272 -

    We thank Olivier Paridaens and Jeff Hayes of Alcatel for reporting
    this issue.

    Author: Ian A. Finlay.

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