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    NAV Live Update

    My subscription for Live Update has expired, is there any way to update my virus definitions without having to re-subscribe...students are always short of cash you see.

    Infact, I feel i've been ripped off, my verison of NAV 2002 was preinstalled and came with 90 days of updates. However, if i had purchased NAV separately I'd have got a year's worth of updates, that's hardly fair.
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    lol, yea aint that a pain, anyway, norton anti virus isnt too expensive here (like 30 bucks) but im in college to so i know how that feels to need things cheaper so im guna show you the legal way, will give you virus definitions for most anti virus software, just look around and more than likely youll see other things you want and will download, its a pretty good site. also, try uninstalling the norton anti virus and reinstalling it, works for me=) (found out when i reformatted and after i reinstalled everything it said i had another 365 days=) )
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    If your felling up to it, try the shady method:

    p2p, hehe
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    I think the replies you got in this thread that you started on the same subject, still apply for this thread.


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    It has been a year or two since I had to deal with subscription renewal on Norton AV, but I believe it was 2 or 4 dollars for an entire years subscription. Either pay up, or get one of the free virus checkers, like AVG(I have heard lots of good things about AVG).

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