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    I wish this was seen on more news web sites, then hackers would have a better image. But wait, hackers can't have a good image, ALL hackers are evil (sarcasm)!

    I wonder if it was somone from antionline.com....

    From http://www.hideaway.net/home/public_...?topic=Hacking :

    Judge Rules FBI Can't Use Hackers to Collect Evidence Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version Friday, November 15 2002 @ 04:04 PM

    A federal judge has ruled that evidence collected by a hacker who was helping the FBI would not be admissable in court, in a child pornography case against Virginia resident William Adderson Jarrett. An anonymous cybervigilante had used the SubSeven trojan to view files on the computers of people who frequented child porn newsgroups. He then tipped off Alabama officials, who in turn contacted the FBI with their findings. The FBI encouraged the hacker to continue collecting evidence, which eventually formed the basis of their case against Jarret. But his defense attorneys successfully argued that the FBI had violated his Fourth Amendment rights because his computer had been searched without a warrant. The ruling will likely be appealed by federal prosecutors - we suspect that the outcome will have a significant impact on the way law enforcement conducts its electronic investigations in the future.
    I read somewhere you shouldn\'t always believe what you read so what the Hell am I supposed to do?

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    Nice find HurrayForSchool, I especially enjoyed the first article about how many cyberterrorists groups were becoming active. This is really where we can come in and help stop them. With our knowledge we can help others protect computers and develop software that protects vunerable places on networks. We are, IMO "The unsung hero's of computer science, white-hat hackers" and I believe if we work at it, we can make it really hard for these guys to do any harm to any country at all. This is a new generaton, and a new breed of terrorism. Such a cyber-attack could have devestating effects on other countries. We must work fast to stay a step ahead in the game!

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    amen, radical, that is what we are hear for, right?
    I read somewhere you shouldn\'t always believe what you read so what the Hell am I supposed to do?

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    Hey good info HurrayForSchool!!! its pretty interesting
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    so true Radical. I'm not saying I am one of the talented white hats but I have the same attitude as a white hat. I guess you could just say I haven't earned my hat yet. I'm rather new to everything, but I agree with the ethics of the white hat. Lets hope .gov and .mil will be open to some help from the knowledgeable white hats sooner rather than later.
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    I believe (but could be wrong) that if the illegal action is taken by a person not a party to the case, and not "for hire", then evedence would be admissible. Where the FBI crossed the line, if they did indeed do so, was to ask the hacker to continue collecting evidence, thus violating search and seizure statutes.

    I, personally, think it's great that there are vigilantes like this that take it upon themselves to clean up some of the scum of the earth.

    Let the evidence that the vigilante collected stay, and the further evidence that the FBI supposedly solicited should be disallowed.


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    I wasn't in the wrong thread, just the first message was collapsed and I though I was in the wrong thread.... I think I need some rest. jeez. :-)
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    You should only judge people from what they say and how they think all hackers are not bad if we where all the same this world would be so lonely

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