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    a friend of mine gave me this link...
    within the server.. it says
    MD5: 9DD756AC-80E057FC-E00703A2-F801F2E3
    any one have any idea what this is all about?
    ive scanned the IP and only came up with 1 tcp port open..
    113 ident auth services
    1243, 6667 USERID : UNIX : Dorene

    my friend says that random pop up windows appear from nowhere with messages like

    "check this out", "hehehe", "click this"
    .. quite odd if you ask me...
    any information.. go ahead and post me.

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    **********i think this might be JP's mommy back again to cause trouble. ********
    ***********dont respond to it, **********
    *********let the slim sink to the bottom where it belongs***********

    congratulations friend...someone else now owns your computer.

    i dont suppost you got any virus warning, oh...anything about a trojan or a bear with bugs or anything like that now did ya.

    remove that link before you spread that trojan any further. your a real ****en numb nut!

    i know it takes all kinds to fill a free way, but why do they all have to come here
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    Lmfao, Tedob1 make's a great point. See, you shouldn't have posted the link (not in link form, thank god) because if someone doesn't read Tedob1's post, they will go to it and get it themselves. Then again, not that many people are stupid enough to go to a site with that kind of url or anything like that in general. Definitely start scanning your system and next time don't trust every link you see.
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    General rule is never click links with a .com, .bat and .exe extension.
    Its not software piracy. I’m just making multiple off site backups.

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