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Thread: Updating Windows

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    Question Updating Windows

    Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes...

    I have downloaded the latest update form MS. When I try to install it, my a: drive hits, then I get a message that the update cannot be installed. In fact, when I try to run the office2000 pro installer from the CD, the same thing happens. Why would it look for files on my a drive?

    I know that it is probably something simple, but what? I updated SP1 quite a while ago with no problem, now ...

    BTW, 98se/office2000 pro.

    Thanks in advance for the help


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    I think that maybe the installation refers to the a: drive by default but haven't you got a browse function,where you can reroot it to where you have downloaded the file.

    hope it helps
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    i'm not sure of what i say here .
    if your version is copied (as MS says :illegal) you can't update .
    what i know is that if your windows is Beta you can update easily but alpha there something subtle

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    Vanman, no that is what puzzles me, no browse option

    slacker_5, the software IS legal, bought and paid for with hard earned money, thank-you.

    Any other thaughts? As I said, i was able to apply the SP1 patch when it came out, but somewhere between then and now something has gotten altered and is looking for the patch on the floppy. I looked through the registery thinking that there might be a reference to the "a" drive, but not being an "l33t" kinda guy, i didn't see anything. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

    Anyway, all help is appriciated.


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