Ok, i recently found out i had sub7 running on my box, and i removed it (@least i hope i did!) and i dont know if this is the cause of this, but every time i shutdown my box and start it back up, or restart it, my hard drive icon keeps moving to the bottom of the screen, and it never has done this. i wanted to know if any other mac users have ever had this happen to them?

i know its not that big of a deal, but i just wonder if it might mean i didnt get all of sub7 off or if something else is going on.

also the only way i waz able to scan for and remove it, waz i use os 9.2.2 to run photoshop 6 in, ( i dont like how os x uses the memory in classic) and i have ol norton antivirus run at startup and thats when i found out i had it and removed it.

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