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Thread: C Compiler for RH Linux

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    C Compiler for RH Linux

    Hi guys

    My dad has just started teaching me C, which is going to be a challenge and a half but v. worth it, which, at the minute we're compiling on windose (he's never looked at *nix).

    We're using M$ Visual C++ environment for compiling the code but i want to do most of my compiling on my RH 7.3 box.

    Ive done a search for Linux compilers and there seems to be a few, however, im looking for one that would be most similar to the M$ one.

    Since ive seen so many 'C/C++' threads here i thought i'd ask!

    Any suggestions?



    ps Im a complete n00b with this language!

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    r3b00+ gcc comes with redhat 7.3

    look at the man pages for more info on the compliler i to am also learning the big C im a n00b to

    to compile code with gcc type without the quote "gcc -o <what you want to call the compiled file> <file name>.c

    as i said you can read the man page "man gcc" or tyep gcc --help

    hope this help's

    edit im reading this

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    Well to be quite honest, there is NO compiler simmilar to the MSVC one..

    The most common compiler on unix GCC (GNU COMPILER COLLECTION (I believe)) is a command line based compiler,
    if you are looking for a RAD suite for linux, look at Borland Kylix (going strong with version 3 now) or KDevelop (www.kde.org) or the GNome RAD suite (forgot the name)..

    Hope that helps
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    Thanks guys, you've been v. helpful!
    Ill have a look at gcc when i get home.

    Well here goes on my C journey!



    ps Nice link prodikal, it'll come in very useful........and if you need a sparring partner in the C journey give us a shout!

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