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Thread: Iptables general help (more questions and answers the better)

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    Question Iptables general help (more questions and answers the better)

    This thread is for every one to colaberate on. I want more then just my questions asked and answered. for the noob's iptables is a bit daunting. I have ben using linux for quite a while but the manuals still are cryptic on some items, this is one.

    I am trying to understand how to put the rules together.

    I started with a script put together by...
    # shadow999@firemail.de IPTABLES Firewall v 0.86

    and have tryed to modify it to my need and done so unsucessfully..

    I would be glad to know of a util to help out either webbased or console but understanding iptables is important to.

    I was wondering if I got the syntax right for this.

    Im attempting to allow a service located localy on the fwbox at port 3783.

    $IPTABLES -A INPUT -i $EXTIF -p udp --dport 3783 -j ACCEPT
    $IPTABLES -A OUTPUT -o $EXTIF -p udp --sport 3783 -j ACCEPT

    also I needed an idea on how to adjust the tos on trafic from/to certin ports for either throughput or speed ie gaming ports 27015 etc..

    Thanks for your help

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    Try the link below for console based iptables tools.

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    Heres a couple of tutorial written by str34m3r which may be of some help to you




    Hope this helps


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