Get some sleep, gamers, and do what your mom tells you...

An extreme case of internet obsession hit the news headlines last month when 24-year-old Kim Kyung-jae collapsed and died after playing computer games at an internet cafe in the south-western city of Kwangju.

He had been playing virtually non-stop for 86 hours.

"The only breaks he had where when he briefly stopped to buy cigarettes and use the toilet," said Detective Hong Gun-hee, the investigating officer.

"These days, there aren't many places where young people can go.

"PC bangs are open 24 hours a day - and there is every potential that another case like this could happen again."

Mr Kim did not have a full time job. His mother, Choi Yong-soon, is still trying to make sense of his death.

"I told him not to spend so much time on the internet", she explained. "He just said 'yes mum', but kept on playing.
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