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Thread: Custom 404-page

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    thanks blue, now i figure that you got mah point
    it's very important that you dont lose users on your website, whatever else happens

    whenever ive been to a website and saw a link that 404 page now found, id go to the homepage directly and then try searching here and there.
    What you can do more is , give them a page nearer to what they might be looking for.
    It's a lil hard work, but ya bet it pays.

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    truly.... I did indeed get the point

    yes, I do the same... try the root and see if I can find the "updated" link. Unfotunately most end-users don't do that, and that's why it IS important to capture them on the site if they get a 404 and try t at least point them in the direction. I definitely see you point, and, like I said earlier, it is something that I need to do on my own sites.
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    I made use of this tutorial on a site to make my own custom page. Thanks for the info .

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    If I was to make this tutorial, I would have just posted a message to the Web Development forum with a link to the page with those instructions, perhaps with a little quote from it. I would have also explained some more ways to use the .htaccess -file. THIS is what *I* call a tutorial.
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    Yeah, i have to say that this is not the most impressive tutorial in the world, but since you wrote it i guess i have to give you some credit. It would be better if it had some more info in it. Go around and look at other tutorials, that people loved and greened, they are like 3 pages all together. The Java Tutorial by Jethro is what a real tutorial really looks like. Well, i hope you put in some more effort in your next tutorial.

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    hello ebo,

    well im surprised at the amount of debate this tutorial has caused rather than gaining information from it. Let me make somethings clear :

    I did not write this tutorial to gain greenies.
    I did not write this tutorial so that i can have one under my name

    Well, i simply enough put forth what i knew and told it to everybody.
    please for god sake, people, i dont understand why you're neggin me on this one.
    Take it easy, if ya dont like, rest your a**

    Somebody negs me and sayz " these are paragraphs not tutorials"
    man, i think we are here at AO not to discourage people like that, i think you should look at the positive point of it and let go, that's all
    Or if you think there's something lacking, just tell meh, cuz there aint no point in flamin me

    Thanks, just by the way

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    its an OK tut will work for the beggineers but thoes who think that they are at altar of everything can just skip this one......

    some more info culd be put to good use though.

    isnt it that most of the info that comes as quoted in .htaccess is more than enough. just askin coz it was sufficient for me.
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    what the **** i did not post the above post i repeate i did NOT .... i come to this site post afew replys and go back... i come back after few minutes and see myself replying stupidly to every other post on the block and getting negative points....... i got three negative points in a span of an hour could the moderators plz look into this i m gona post this stuff in another thread too, where some how i have my name in it.
    Better Laugh At Your Own Problems..
    Coz...The World Laughs At Them

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