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Thread: Self-Destructive DVDs?

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    Lightbulb Self-Destructive DVDs?

    The geek in me just loved this idea.

    These discs play the information that is stored on them for a set amount of time -- eight to 60 hours. Then -- poof! -- the content mysteriously self-destructs

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    Haven't we been down this road before? <cough>.. divx.... <cough>

    From the article:

    The discs included a letter from Q warning recipients: "Once you remove the DVD from its packaging, you only have 36 hours to watch it."
    Just about 35 hours longer than it will take me to rip it to my hard drive with the copy protection crack that will be on the net 48 hours after the first disc. Brilliant.

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    That is pretty neat, maybe soon they will develop self-destructing underwear if it is worn more than once without being washed!
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    If these cd's were only played in rooms under ultraviolet light conditions, I wonder if they would continue to last?....Just a theory I'm considering.......
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