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Thread: The Government stikes again

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    The Government stikes again

    I was going through my daily news rummaging and I stummble upon this:


    It seems that the government (usa) wants to make plans that will give each internet usera specific identification # called eDNA (I'll give you one guess what the e stands for). It's an identification procedure that calls for protocols like tcp/ip and other services to rewritten so that this new eDNA can be fully implimented.

    Not only that, the article also talks about a bill that will be signed by mr bush that will give internet officials the right to eavesdrop on internet and telephone conversations at will; without the need of a court order or any paper work.

    I think that's a little much, no?

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    Yeah, that really sucks. Maybe we could create a petition for it and get people from AO and others to sign it.
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    invasion of privacy is something that i'm sure will not go over well with the general population. and, when you think of it, being given this eDNA will be like just classifying a person as a number.

    i don't think too many people will stand for this.
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    Spyrul: I agree with you that a lot of people will not like this kind of classification. Due to the current polical climate in the USA (if you disagree with the government then you are aiding terrorism) it could happen in the future. Many people feel that giving up their privacy for security is a good deal. I cant remember who said "He who gives up privacy for security ends up with neithier"

    Also I found this concerning due to the governments lack of security:

    "Friday's report comes as a DARPA unit, the Information Awareness Office (IAO), has come under fire for its plan to create a prototype of a massive database that would collect information about everything from Americans' credit card purchases to veterinary records and public information. Run by John Poindexter, the retired vice admiral who was an adviser to President Ronald Reagan and who became embroiled in the Iran-Contra scandal, the IAO also was involved in the eDNA review. "

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    When I think about the Internet, and all the things the government is doing to find communications between terrorist and the likes. I think of Carnivore, Magic Lantern, ect...
    And thats just a couple we know about. I am almost positive that the government is already sniffing networks on a global scale.

    I find this insulting. Why is it that I go to jail for breaking the law, and they don't? Does this mean they are above the law? Of course it does! Because on the internet there really should be no law. The internet is NOT American. The Internet is not European. The internet exists only in slew of 0's and 1's. Completley on a totally different plain of existence. The internet is anarchy, and it really boils down to the comman law of existence. Survival of the fittest. And if the American Government happens to be the fittest so be it. So they use it which ever way they can top help them. This wouldnt be so bad, if i knew I could do the same. But we are supposed to accept this double standard? Of course, its the American way, hypocracy is.

    Reminds me of this commercial I saw for The Partnership for a Drug Free America. The ending message was, "Marijuana impairs your judgment...worth it?". The VERY NEXT commercial was a Bud Light commercial. Disgusted with such hypocracy, i wrote the PDFA, never to hear from them again.

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