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Thread: Another question about XP activation

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    Another question about XP activation

    I read something in another post and thought I should ask my question in a seperate thread...

    I recently installed Windows XP Pro, which I legitimately received from a relative's workplace; the installation cd had never been used before. However, to my dismay, the serial key was not where it should be, but rather it said "THe manufacturer has taken the authentification key off and has probably attached it to the computer it came with." Rats.I have to admit, I was a bit angry so I hopped on my fav p2p and downloaded one. Now everythings done and I need to activate XP Pro.

    My question is this: What is the activation key I need to call in with based on? Is it just hardware, or is it my downloaded serial key? I dont have SP1, by the way. So will I be able to activate Windows??

    And no, Im not encouraging anyone to do what I did.
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    Short answer: No.

    Corporate licenses of Windows XP do not require any sort of activiation. If you are installing a standard Professional version (which it sounds like you are), the activation is based upon the CD-Key you entered and the hardware in your computer. Since you received a CD-Key from another individual, they have most likely already activated their version of Windows XP, and you will not be able to activate yours. I recommend going out, buying a copy, installing it over what you have using the key you will receive with the new CD, and you'll be set.


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    Actually you will be able to activate it, but once you install sp1 xp will no longer function. That is to say M$ has your 'serial key' in their list. There is software out there that will change your serial key after you enter it in, which will allow you to change it after installing sp1. This will allow your copy of xp to stay fully intact and operational.
    I know that you can activate it, since ive had it installed on two seperate computers at the same time and both activated...Maybe im just lucky, who knows. Good luck with it.
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    Well you have it right if you read the license and EULA you will find that in fact your copy is not ligit because it is for a specific box. In order for you to have a ligit copy said company would have to pay M$ a transfer fee and for non profits this is like $85.00, yep you have it right I want to give an old box away and software to a non profit M$ will charge you 85 for the OS and office I cannot recall the price. Such are M$ ligit costs.

    But wait there is hope lets say Unsupported old software the MFG cannot charge a fee. Imagine M$ drops support for Wind 98SE soon but you as a company cannot donate it to a non profit withint still paying a fee..let the media ponder that one!
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