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Thread: How did it get it's name

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    How did it get it's name

    Another normal day at the office, I needed to use a program that required a dongle, reached down to plug it into the USB port and couldn't get it in. Knelt down on the floor and tried again, but just couldn't get it. Got all the way down on the floor, still was having problems getting in into the damm USB slot for some reason.

    Then I hear a quiet voice "John?"

    "Yes" I reply.

    "Oh Good I was afraid you had passed out or something when I saw your legs sticking from behind the desk" I realized it was the cute girl from fiscal now that she had spoken more.

    "I'm OK just trying to stick my dongle in this slot" I reply.

    I hear a giggle and realize what that sounded like. The rest of the week everyone in the entire building has been laughing about me down on the floor behind my desk trying to stick my dongle in the slot.

    Once again I find my curiosity peaked, who in the world came up with the name dongle? I have searched every way I can think of and can not find the answer. The closest I have found is an apparent myth that it was created by someone named Don Gall.

    Do you know? Speculation?
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    One of the explanations I have heard is that the hardware key was invented by a guy named Don Gall. This of course got shortened to dongle in the course of time.

    Another one I have heard is that a short cable used to be utilized for the device attachment, causing the key to dangle, er, dongle behind the machine.

    Anyone got another explanation?
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    "I'm OK just trying to stick my dongle in this slot" I reply.

    -- real smooooooo00000000oooooooooooth real smooth

    other than magnoon's smoothness with the ladies, I did some reasearch and i found a site that also said it was Don Gall.

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    I think the best print ad I've seen in recent years was an ad for a laptop NIC that had a jack built in instead of having to use a dongle.

    The picture was of a laptop in a bag with the dongle hanging out the side and the print said: "Dongle caught in your zipper?"

    Quite funny, and good use of people's over-active imagination in a print ad.

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