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    2nd Site

    **Hypothetical situation** If AO was to be offline for an extended period of time, what would be your next choice to keep up to date on computer and security related matters?

    I'm not sure if AO members would be offended, but I find the GRC newsgroup to be quite informative.

    I'm just curious to see if there are great websites out there that aren't in the mainstream.
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    There are many sites we can go to like mine. www.unerror.com and IRC at irc.unerror.com or Louie's @ http://www.bigknight.com/ or http://www.linuxsage.com Or Christina's http://dementia.bigknight.com/ And I'm sure there are many more, I guess we'll keep in tounch though different sites while Antionline is down. And good luck to JP in the future!
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    thats what i think is the coolest thing about AO. nobody has the time to search ALL the security related news sites. So when someone finds something of interest...they post it here. Saves a whole lot of time staying informed.

    When AO is down i search for news on wired, the regestar, salon, packetstorm (forgive me), slashdot and a ton more. for world news i start with the drudge report and work my way up.
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    www.techwarelabs.com isnt to bad at all either. its more hardware based than security though

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    I would personally use some infos sites like as http://www.infowar.com/ and (obviously) http://www.securityfocus.com/ (and some others non computers related).

    For the forums? Not any site could replace AO.
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    For the forums? Not any site could replace AO.
    agree with that. looks like it is easier to find info here, there is someone else post problem just like ours. then just read it.

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    I do agree though, I just like the general attitude of this place. I've been elsewhere like techsupportguy.com and other places like it and it's just not the same. We have a general work and play attitude here. We all have come here to check out AO to see how good the information/help is, and seem to stay to help others and joke around. Not getting too mushy but it's like going over to a friends house to hang out to me, more than just viewing a message board.

    Just my view...
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    My answer would be the same as what I posted in the thread about JupMedia screwing JP . The two other forums type sites I frequent besides here are:

    About.com Internet/Network Security Forums


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