Ok This is what happen to me. When I try to open drive c windows always ask pop up msg "work offline or try again" but still give me same result pressing either one of the option. And this is what happen when I try to open my document or files. It pop up msg "run time error, do you wish to debug. line 259. error: object doesn't support this property or method" and yes still no different either I press debug or no button. After I press the button and this msg pop u "IsWindows98 LoadStringError". And I need to press ok button to open my document. So this is what I have done after this is happen to me. I clean or my temperory files, temperory internet files, cookies, cache files. Checking my add remove programmed. And what I found is anti-body software. As I remember I never install such thing software. And then I go to registry. I found that anti-body file refered to this c:\windows\hsun32.exe c:\mirc\setup.inf. So I deleted the valued. Oh by the way when I try to uninstall anti-body software using add remove program, it said the file had been remmoved. Ok after that I try to go online and dunno I had very slow connection. And what a surprise I can't type anything in internet explorer. I try to login in ao actually. I thought may be sth wrong with ao server and I go to yahoo.com still I can't type anything. So I reinstall window98se and I find this msg "c:\windows\system\wshom.ocx cannot installed or has beend corrupted". Just press ok and seem like I had installed win98se. So after reinstall win98se the problems pop us msg asking for debug gone but "IsWindows98 LoadString error" pop up msg still and everytime I open my files and I need to press more than 5 times to get rid of it. after that another pop up msg again but I can't read it and I believe windows dunno bout it. But the title is canon. I'm using canon printer. OH forget the title for "IsWindows98 LoadString error" is test.

Ok That I can tell right now. Sorry for my bad english and thank you for an advanced.