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    Aug 2001

    opera 7 beta, what's your opinion?

    if anyone here has tried opera 7 (i only just got it) what do you think of it?
    it lives up to all the expectations of what is said on their website and even leaves the old version lagging behind in the rendering (on my box anyway)

    id be interested in the performance under linux if anyone has tried it yet, as under windows it is very quick to do anything really, just thinking that linux is not as much of a resource hog as windoze is....

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    Nov 2001
    It hasn't been released for Linux yet, the latest is 6.10. IMO the performance is very good compared to Netscape's & Mozilla's latest.

    And yes, I have tried the 7 beta on my windows box, and thought it was quite good. Didn't see a whole lot difference, though, except for the new GUI. Have you noticed everything is supposed to look OS X'ish these days, for instance that blue look of the new Opera? Personally I'm sick and tired it. Let's get some other colors, red and green can look good, too!

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    Aug 2002
    I'm undecided as yet, it's a little buggy from what i can see so far, eg. when there's a whole page of links the hover colours seem to persist when you mouse off a link, it goes all technicolour!
    However, a website I made now shows up a lot better than it did in Opera 6, so i'm pleased about that. All I have to do now is make it netscape compatible, grrrrr.
    It is very cluttered though, more so than before I think. The first thing I had to do was turn all the annoying bars off.

    And there's still no 'Go' button. Call me picky but I like to have one.

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    Nov 2002
    I haven't used Opera 7 beta , but for those who don't know what it is:

    For those who don't know what DOM is:

    If you liked it download/buy it here:

    Oooh, I love technicolor! I think I may just try it out!
    I read somewhere you shouldn\'t always believe what you read so what the Hell am I supposed to do?

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    Nov 2001
    I' m using it on my other box, it's fast and has a lot of new features. The mail / hotlist section has imporved. At first sight it seems a little strange cause the database strucutre behind it has changed. Now all your mail comes in "recieved" if you drag mail to another folder it will be a copy and not a move. The mail has however also very usefull new options, like the auto contact add or the view contact emails, etc... you can't miss those once you are used to it. (just like the mouse gestures when Opera was introduced).
    Bad news: it seems to behave badly when ran on a low spec box, especially with java apps and low ram you get probs. Second: it has a lot of small bugs, like check boxes twice on the screen or in the text. I have also problems with the XP look... like said before all those new browsers and apps go look like XP or some freaking space OS.

    Overall it's a very good and fast browser, it's a potential winner when the stable release comes out. I hope the linux version is soon going to be introduced.

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    The Iceman Cometh
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    Aug 2001
    I'm extremely happy with it so far. I've been running Opera 6.0x for quite some time (in conjunction with IE) on my main Windows-boxes, and there are quite a few improvements, namely in speed, and how web sites recognize it (it finally emulates IE6). I few things I don't like:

    - There's no "New Page" tab at the top lilke with previous versions
    - The status bar takes up too much room at the top... previously, it took the place of the banner (since I purchased it)
    - And finally, not really a complaint, more of just a nuisance, having to buy a new license to get rid of the banner at the top.

    Overall, though, I'm very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. I would suggest that new users maybe play around with Opera 6.05 for the time-being, though, while bugs are still worked out of the new version..


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    Old-Fogey:Addicts founder Terr's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Seattle, WA
    Eh. At 800x600 the area taken up by bars and window is rather large compared to my 6.05 setup, and the OSX-ish look just makes me queasy. I installed it but I'll stick to 6 until a lot more refinements (and other more utilitatian skins and button images) come out.
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    Aug 2001
    there are several things about Opera 7.0 I don't like.

    I can't right-click paste in the address bar any more, I have to control-v to paste in the address bar.

    It doesn't recover from crashes like 6.05 did, even though the option is there.

    It no longer highlights and immediately chooses copy text for me when I right click a link... yes I know I'm lazy

    When it first starts I have to right click on the top open space to get the address bar to even appear.

    There is no more "new page" option on the upper right hand side.

    I have to control-n now to open a new page.

    It will NOT open a new window for a page, even if I tell it to. eg it opens a new page in background only, not a fully spawned seperate window.

    umm, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. It's still rather buggy in my opinion right now, but at least they have fixed some of the scripting problems that 6.05 had.

    El Diablo

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    Jul 2002
    I like Opera 7. Its fast! We have to test most of the big webbrowsers on our site and I downloaded it recently and it is growing on me.
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    Originally posted here by El Diablo

    I can't right-click paste in the address bar any more, I have to control-v to paste in the address bar.

    That was the final straw for me. Also, I didn't like the rather "large and clumsy" look of the GUI.

    I'm normally a huge fan of Opera and I'm sure they'll get it right in the end. If not, I'm more than happy to stay with 6.05.

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