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Thread: Question in vc7

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    Question in vc7

    I use SDI to write a program,the base class of C*view is CList,and I have to add a Dialog,I do as the book tells me .
    There are many controls and variants in the Dialog.When I try to run it,after execute sentece "UpdateData(TRUE)",comes a error dialog,tell me there is a exception I did not deal with.But,when I make of the files,delete the files about Dialog,and do as previous I did,it is OK.

    I do not know what cause the problem?Is there anything wrong with VC.NET compiler?Do you have the alike experience?

    when I turn UpdateData(TRUE) to UpdateData(FALSE),It's also ok


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    Probably nothing wrong with the vc7 compiler, it's quite good actually - a big improvement from vc6. Try to find an example of what you are trying to do on google or http://msdn.microsoft.com - the microsoft developer's site.

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