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Thread: permission problems

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    Question permission problems

    I currently ran into a big problem and am hoping someone out there in AO land can help me out. My work laptop running Windows XP blue screeened on me with a bad sector error. I tried to make a ghost image to recover the data but that wouldnt work (errored out everytime). So I just took the drive out used an adaptor and hooked it up to my desktop and started pulling the pertinent information off the drive.

    I had one problem doing this, I have 2 folders in my My Documents folder which I had set permission to so that only the administrator or my corporate domain name could access the folder. When I go to pull the information over from the broke drive to my desktop I have been getting Permission errors. For some reason it wont let me take Ownership, anyone have any ideas as to what I can do? Appreciate any help
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    I really don't know what to tell you, but there might be something wrong with the owner info processor. If it is erroring on everything else, then it can easily error when you try to login as master admin. This is all i can think of right now.

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    You could use a program like NTFSDOS, which afaik (I could be wrong) would enable you to access these folders which you are currently unable to access.

    You could also take the drive back to your work and hook it up to a desktop on your network there. Then get your domain administrator to login and get the folders that way. Although this is more a workaround than a proper solution, if NTFSDOS doesn't work and you have time on your hands, then it may be the most straightforward way of solving your problem.

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    Assuming you are Admin on your desktop system:

    - Back up the files/folders in question using Windows Backup.
    - Restore the files/folders to a FAT or FAT32 partition. This will effectively remove NTFS permissions, ownership, compression settings, etc.
    - CAUTION - If any files are encrypted, restoring them to FAT or FAT32 will render them scrambled (do a Google search on Humpty Dumpty) and inaccessable.

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