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Thread: Jesus Christ..

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    Jesus Christ..

    Okay, listen. As everyone knows, I'm JCHostingAdmin. Stop calling other's that (I have heard 5 people pm me saying they've been called JC) and leave them alone. If you want to negg someone, neg me. Also, I was negged saying that I have 25 posts and three dots? I earned them, and if you want, neg me on this post. Neg me here so that I won't have those three dots. I want to do it right, and yet I'm STILL accused with this crap. Just please negg me and get it over with because this get's annoying.

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    Exclamation I understand

    I where you're coming from here. I'm not going to neg u becuz i've been accused of being some dude named JRoc and accused of having an AP alliance. Until this morning I had no idea what an AP alliance was!!! I get negs like this:

    you have nothing to be proud of, stop the ap alliance and ap **** and you'll stay here. Continue the bitching and ap ****, you'll be banned.
    and a lot of stuff similar to it. it's all getting old. many of us are sick of it. it just needs to stop.
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    ahh! so were all getting together in one thread...must be a conspiracy!
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    Uh oh! My name was mentioned by by the fowarded message of soulman too! This is a conspiracy! I guess we better discuss our AP alliance that we are getting accused for!

    Get real, if I was involved in this antipoint alliance ****, don't you think I would have more antipoints than -48? I don't even care anymore about them. If you want to neg me, go ahead and do it. The only reason I was "whining" on about the antipoints in the "that was cute" thread was because I didn't want to get banned, again. I don't care how many tiny ass green dots I have, as long as I am not banned.

    As long as I am a member recieving and posting helpful information to and from others, I will be content. (Wait a second, that can't be the main idea of this whole website, can it?)

    NeoAcid5000(JCHostingAdmin), I respect your honesty and courage to start over on a clean slate.
    I read somewhere you shouldn\'t always believe what you read so what the Hell am I supposed to do?

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    green dots...green dots....green dots....green dots... blah ..

    u r what u r .. greenies won't make u a better person. so, stop acting like kids, make it a good lesson for u and us, and keep going.

    welcome brothers. it always feel good when be Honest to ur self and ur friends and family ... us = AO Community ...

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    I too have been blamed for an alliance and recently I havent even been able to make a post without getting negged, my favorite was the neg with no explanation, just because . Ohh well, So i hear you too, I guess the best we can do is read, learn, and attempt to help.
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