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Thread: Another p2p crackdown...

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    Another p2p crackdown...

    This article in the register might interest Danish and other .eu users of kazaa and such.

    Apparently the Danish Anti Piracy Group is monitoring the aforementioned networks and sending
    demands for large sums of money to those offering pirated movies and the like for others to
    download. I'd say this is a Bad Thing, so be careful out there.

    (Also, apologies if this has already been mentioned, i may have missed a post)
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    This week there was an article from CA where a woman from Formosa (yeah, i'm that old!) and her cronies were caught red-handed with several hundre-thousand copies worth hundred$ of million$ in counterfeit/pirated software mainly from MS and Symantec. As i recall the judgement was for several years in the slammer and ten-million$ restitution or some such. They said the boxing and packaging was superbly faked. This is one reason i buy all possible software directly from the manufacturer if they direct sell, otherwise from one of their linked resellers. Do a Google-search with the words software piracy and see the activity in the criminal investigation field.

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    sure there are those who just "get off" on piracy and do it just because they can. But how much money should someone be allowed to make on a product. i mean if you wanted to buy windows 98 (j/k) youd still have to pay full price for it. the price never goes down. At what point has the product paid for its development, advertisemant and such. These pirates are making a fortune. their not stealing a packaged product. their paying for cd burning, packaging and such, probably allot more than ms does and selling it for allot less. i know their in buisiness to make money but come on.

    im not condoning what the piraters are doing im just pointing a finger at the bigest pirate
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    Hmm this whole situation pisses me off. Its like we have these celebrities speaking out about how their work is being stolen, there losing all this money ect ect.... due to the p2p file sharing. Ya know what, **** them! Who the hell are they to have a louder voice in America than everyone eles. They dont do anything to keep this country together. We could live with out the hollywood ****s. However, if the people working as janitors, and factory workers and every body on the minimum wage train were to get up and walk out. Our country would sustain great financial damage. So Really, Why the hell are we worried about what these dumbasses in hollywood are asking.
    Not to mention they should be HAPPY there work is being digitally distributed. What they dont have enough money for that 3rd BMW they want to get for his misstress. Awe poor baby. **** that! They live the lives that most of us will never have. And never could have. And there still not happy because someone saw there movie wih out paying 19.99 for it. This makes me sick. Some people have to work 4 hours to ge that 19.99. I say for the economie we allow P2P file sharing to legally continue.
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    The simple fact is that both morally and legally, they own the rights to their work and can do (or not do) whatever they please with it. I have always been of the opinion that artists should regard P2P as a form of free advertising, but we can't force that view upon them. Hopefully, in time they will come around to the realization that 1) P2P boosts interest in the product, and 2) there's nothing they can do to stop it regardless of #1. We seriously need a reality check here.

    I'm into old 70s shows that I watched as a kid, and my policy is that I only share and download shows which are not commercially available and can't be gotten any other way, like the old live action Spider-Man show and The Six Million Dollar Man. Even if those shows were commercially available, I'm far from convinced that a grainy, blocky VCD of Wonder Woman is going to deter anybody from buying it on DVD if it were released tomorrow, but unfortunately it isn't my place to decide that.

    DVD rips, on the other hand, are an entirely different matter.......
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