helloooo to anyone who possibly remembers me. i got a job and left this site for about 4 months so i've not been around for time. glad to see some quality changes have been made, namely journals for free, so i can cancel my membership to suicidegirls.com! wait, maybe not...hehe

anyway, i have a minor issue with my sexy new PC which is that it keeps randomly rebooting. i bet it will now while i'm typing. but all that is on it is P4 2.4GHz/120GB/256 DDR/ABIT SA7/Radeon 8500 LE/16x DVD-ROM/XP Pro. I know XP *can* be buggy but i swear, on my other system i never had a single crash. there is no software installed because i'm not into risking loads of data before i can save prior to periodic reboots. it's often enough to be annoying but not often enough that i can remotely predict it or stop using my beloved puker. but do any of you know of any inherent faults in any of the components listed, and if so how to possibly rectify them? have any of you encountered this before? i'm still a bit **** at a lot of this, i built it only to ruin it

thanks for checking this, and thanks for any advice anyone can offer :>