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Thread: DSL timer

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    DSL timer

    a friend of mine is running a dsl line , and it is set on a 9:45 p.m timer , then it shuts off.My mind is boggled , because shes running XP , and i dont know much about XP.Is there anyway to override the windows registry and turn off this timer?
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    not sure but try...

    first try going into the control panel and clicking on administrative tools. From there click on the computer management. Then click the system tools. Then device manager. Click the modem. You will see a (-) come up and a leg will drop down witch is the moden you are using. Double click it and hit the power management tab make sure there is nothing check in this box. It should say : Allow computer to shut off device to save power / allow this device to bring computer out of stand by. Remeber make sure none of the boxs are check in that tab.

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    Hello tattoo geek, and welcome to AO. A word of advice, if a post is "out of date" you will see the date flashing at the top

    This thread is almost two years old!

    Now, that doesn't bother me (particularly as it never got an answer) but it might upset some people around here.


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