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    Cable connection unreliable

    I have reached the limit when it comes to enduring my unreliable cable connection. You see, my cable connection will give out periodically. Web pages dont load, people trying to Instant Message me cannot (I cant respond), everything internet-related ceases to operate, and I have to wait a few minutes before it comes back on. One of my external modem's light goes out, more specifically the "Cable" light. Its purely frustrating.

    I have been experiencing this problem for quite some time now, and have taken drastic measures: I disabled many services that autostart (my cable just gave out, the light turned off), I have disabled UnPnP, installed a firewall; it doesnt matter if its 12:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m., it gives out nevertheless. I doubt its a DoS or a trojan or a virus. I have the AT&T Cable service.

    What do you propose is wrong?
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    If it is periodically dropping like that then it is the fault of one of the following :

    A. The cable modem. It's an electronic device and electronics do go faulty sometimes.
    B. Your node is overloaded and subsequently crashes periodically. This is not too likely in most AT&T regions, but there are a few of the regions out there that still use older equipment.
    C. There is physically something wrong with your drop. The Drop simple enough to find out about and is most likely your issue as well. If you have cable TV, check it when your connection drops. You will likely notice the CATV is out at the same time. On average, how do channels 2-10 appear? Are they crystal clear? If they are not clear, then you have a problem. Why check 2-10 : They are to be working at the most stable of the drop's frequencies. I don't recall the range off hand. However, if they are coming in poorly, then your cable internet is likely to behave poorly as well.

    All things considered, call AT&T and ensure that they are aware. I know some of the guys that work there and they will pretty consistently roll a truck out to have a drop replaced if symptoms like yours are described.

    Regards and good luck.
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    ok, try this, whatever you have th emodem plugged into, just unpl;ug it and count to 60, (1 minute) and then plug it back in, it should do a self test and then hopefully its fixed (sometimes that works) and if you still have this problem, call up tech support and tell thewm exactly whats happening and whats been happening, if they cant fix it theyll give you an appointment for a tech to come out and check everything out, if needed theyll replace your modem, cables, and fix it. hope it helps.

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