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    Exclamation Longhorn's released to the wilds!!!!

    Some of you may already know this but Miro$oft's new version was "leaked" to the wilds this month. http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,3959,715463,00.asp There are already screen shots and keys and cracks for the activation feature. From everything ive read on this os. It is "promised" to be a pretty sweet system. I should have a copy of it this coming week, so I will post a review of this "Alpha" version.

    (Just a bit of conspiracy theory here) Why would an alpha version of this os "accidentally be leaked"? I would think that if was accidentally released, that there would not be any activation feature. just my 2 cents. /me thinks it was leaked on purpose for publicity.

    If you wish to lear more about alpha and beta releases, check out this website. There is great info here about Longhorn. http://board.iexbeta.com/ibf10/index.php?

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    Also www.windowsxp.nu has a lot on longhorn,

    I'd recomend reading this article about it..
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    I haven't played with it long enough to write a full review about it, but, in my opinion, I'd wait until the official beta is released. Overall, Longhorn looks and acts a lot like Windows XP. In the week that I've had it installed, I've fallen in love with some of the new Windows Explorer options. Also, I've really come to rely on using the Sidebar (which you can install on Windows XP or 2000 if you download Dashboard (it's a rip off of the MS Sidebar)). It has a lot of bugs, though, so, as I said before, I'd wait until the official Beta is released.

    Also, if you want to read a really good review (with tons of pictures), check out Paul Thurrott's review: http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/longhorn_alpha.asp


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