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Thread: DSL and linux?

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    DSL and linux?

    This is my first post to these forums so hi guys, now the problem at hand.. i recently purchaced a new machine for the uni couse i have just started, i have installed XP and redhat (dual boot). I have a USB 'broadband modem' (which i understand is actually a router), it works fine on windows but i can't seem to get it working in linux. the OS seems to want an ethernet card in order to set up the connection, which i do not have and wouldn't use if i did. My ISP "does not support" linux and all my searching hasn't turned up any tutorials on this subject. I wonder if i need specific drivers which may not exist, or if i'm doing something wrong... Because i have no modem this leaves me no way to get internet access from linux, and therefore requires me to keep a windoze installation which i would otherwise happily delete, limits my ability to learn about hacking/security, and also forces me to reboot whenever i feel like checking my mail while doing my programming assignments... :-( Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It would help considerably if you told us what brand and model of modem it is and what version of Red Hat you are using.

    Generally speaking, USB modems are a royal pain in the posterior to get working on Linux. I very briefly had an Alcatel Speedtouch USB running on my Linux box before I decided it wasn't worth the years it was taking off my life. There are tons of tutorials on getting that particular modem working, and they should be pretty easy to find on Google. It involves some fairly in-depth kernel patching and lots of library updates.

    Thisd was the first hit I turned up on Google:


    Without knowing more about your setup, this is the best help I can give you, but that should give you a starting point.
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    thx for info, im using Redhat 7.3 and Fujitsu FDX310 modem if that helps... I had a look a the reference u gave me.. it seem to the uninitiated that this involves copious low-level-f*ing-around which i am not keen to attempt until i better understand wot i'm doing, also this driver is maintained by the maker of the device - fujitsu provides no unix driver that i know of, so i might need to find some other poor fool who who has got this working before...

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    I, at the minute, have the same problem.
    Ive an Ambit USB cable modem and RH 7.3, the modem is being shown in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf but theres no way i can get it installed.

    I think you're fighting a losing battle trying to get this working.
    I just decided to buy meself an NIC and get the job done, they only cost about a tenner!

    So save yourself the headache and just splash out.



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    I have heard these problems a lot from others.... however DSL and linux works fine, but it are the crappy USB modems that are the problem... or at least the lack of support / drivers for those. I advice everyone to buy a modem or router with ethernet port to connect to your lan or pc (for instance the 'speedtouch home' or pro from Alcatel, not the speedtouch USB offcourse). You will need (an extra) network card but it will work no matter what OS you are using. Even PPPoE is available for most OS's. The prog and drivers for Windows and Mac OS can usualy be found on the CD that comes with the modem and for linux you can use http://www.roaringpenguin.com/pppoe/

    Perhaps RedHat 8 has better support for those devices. I heard good news about the new redhat release but I can't confirm that already.

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    ADSL and Linux

    Hi All;

    Some of the providers of ADSL, not the ISP's now give out modems that
    will not work with linux. Some of the modems you can use a linksys router
    in ppoe format. Or you can use a windows W2k or XP box to proxie through...
    If you knew what standard the Telco uses for your system, you can usually
    find a nodem that works....

    BTW If you can stay away from USB modems and try to find an ethernet
    modem. You ISP should know, if they have a good tech support or system

    Not all ISP's are the same and most telcos have no ideas on good tech support
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