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Thread: RIAA - A New Low

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    RIAA - A New Low

    Ya know, everytime I start taking the "screw it, I just don't care anymore" approach, and just accept the fact that the RIAA is barbaric, I see a new article that just rubs me the wrong way.

    Take a look at this:

    RIAA orders US Navy to surrender

    In a timely reminder of who's really in charge here, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has mounted a daring raid on the US Navy.

    Acting unilaterally at the behest of the RIAA, Navy officials confiscated 100 computers on suspicion of harboring illegally downloaded MP3s, The Capital, an Annapolis, MD daily reports. A Naval official quoted confirms the raid, adding that punishment ranges from "court martial to loss of leave and other restrictions".

    For the RIAA, there are no half measures: you're either with them, or against them. So even if you're risking having your ass blown off for your country, there's no mercy.
    Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/28263.html
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    Oh my god, "court martial to loss of leave and other restrictions", These people are defending our country .. let them listen to some music. It doesn't surprise me though .. not at all.


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    IMHO it's a good political move (don't neg quite yet, read on....)

    it's great, you're the RIAA, you go for people who don't have the same legal protection as the majority of society (people who live under almost medievil law) and sick the grownups on them. Of course their asses are already "owned" by the Navy, who can do almost anything to them. after some high profile media cover, and some simple "administrative punishment" they are considered "guilty" And the rest of us are left feeling decidedly stunned.

    In my opinion, this is a cowardly act, and we need to show revulsion at the general weedyness of the action. Added to this that these young people concerned have agreed to fight, and maybe die in the name of all americans including the RIAA, how ungrateful is that???????

    I saw a nice idea on /. today, the poster put forward the idea that all file sharers should pick a day, and turn themselves in to the police as criminals. (it would be even better if we could get all net users to download one track off Kazaa etc, and do the same thing.)

    And I know that file sharing is "theft" But hey, these evil, filthy, rotten B______ds need putting out of business.

    Sheesh, i'm starting to sound like a 13yr old, and I don't even use P2P.

    Must go take calming pills. ::: gasp :::

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    if they start doing this to regular people (which i wont be surprised if they do) people will have to start hiding their mp3 players and keeping an mp3 box underneath their house
    this is just gettin out of hand
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    The RIAA wasn't that happy with that article, read their response URL=http://theregister.co.uk/content/6/28293.html]here[/URL].

    The Reg got a lot of responses from that article. Who'd have thought there was so much interest in this topic



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