I hope I can post this so it actually makes sense. I am having a problem with BlackIce on my development server. My dev server is running win2k pro, and is a little short on memory (256). Now it would appear that I have some weird kind of memory leak because about every 3 days or so I get an error message from BlackIce saying something like "Memory can't be read......". The box basically goes south on me and has to be rebooted.

I check with the vendors 'knowledge base', and they said there are some problems with BlackIce running on machines with limited memory and to resolve the problem, the following line should be inserted into the blackice.ini file on the box with the problem.

Insert: tcp.maxconnections=5000

Now, this is where the problem is, I go to edit the file (blackice.ini) and it fails, file is read-only. I go in and change the permissions, giving the admin account full control of the file (the whole directory for that mater) and try it again, it fails, file is read only. I get to a command prompt. check the Attrib values and make sure they are all removed. I make sure blackice isn't running by killing the service and try the edit again, it still fails, file is still read-only.

My question is, what the heck am I missing. How do I get this file out of it's 'read-only' mode.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.