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Thread: PHP script needed

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    PHP script needed

    I have been searching the internet up and down for this but I fear I am not using the correct terminology to get what I am looking for.

    What i would like is a php script that will pull all the posts off of bugtraq and place them on my site. All it would list is the name of the post and the author and when you click on the link it will bring you to that post on bugtraq. I have seen scripts like this but none for bugtraq and I tried modifying the scripts that i could find but they dont seem to work. Anyone know of the script i am looking for and can you point me in the direction to find it.

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    Hmm... This actually sounds like the job of 2 components working side by side. On the one hand, to have the BugTraq email ready for the web as soon as you receive it you need to have something kick off as soon as an email comes in and route the mail to some text file. Then you would need a script (likely the PHP component) that would grab the file from the previous component and put it up on the web. While I suppose it's possible that PHP could handle both aspects, I usually see ProcMail or some other mail handler (sometimes Perl) working the mail aspect. In that scenario, here's the route that the data should take:

    Bugtraq -- sends email to your address --> ProcMail -- ProcMail routes the email to some text file --> PHP -- PHP grabs the file, finds the most recent entry and formats it for the browser --> Browser.

    PHP could theoretically handle all the aspects of this process, but you would have to write a fairly hefty regular expression to parse only the BugTraq email out of your inbox. ProcMail is much better suited for this job, and is much easier to setup. Let me know if you need any help with ProcMail...I love it.
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