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Thread: Bubble Gum!

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    Bubble Gum!

    This is wierd. I posted a joking thread about the fact that JP is selling AntiOnline, and that I never recieved my free package of Sour Apple Bubble Gum as promised to all applicants. I am starting to think, was this deleted, because of the free bubble gum? or because the selling of AntiOnline. Well, all I know is. I have still yet to receive my free package of Sour Apple Bubble Gum and false advertisement is frowned upon.

    wow, there is no trace to the offer of Free Bubble Gum. I should scan it back on. lol... I printed it out.

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    JP, just out of curiousity... Was the "Sour Apple Bubble Gum Offer" a legit offer? or was it just in there just to get a responce?

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    Who cares about a free pack of Bubble Gum? I am sorry to sound rude, but you are wasting peoples valuable time and space by posting this. I know its a joke, but it is one that i don't find funny, weel, it was a joke. Looking at the AP status of this thread, people do not find it funny either. I am not going to tell you what to post or not to post, because you were guarented that right from the beggining, but next time think about it before you post. Thanks alot -ebo

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    Originally posted here by ebo
    I am sorry to sound rude, but you are wasting peoples valuable time and space by posting this. ... Thanks alot -ebo
    oh I don't know about that, I for one had a little chuckle to myself, and i'm assuming JP has a fair bit of avaliable disk space left.

    Here's one for the conspiricy theorists ... maybe JP's selling up, and doing a runner to avoid getting Tek Weasel his .. let me get this right ... "Sour Apple Bubble Gum Offer" tee hee hee.

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    I never got my Sour Apple Bubble Gum either. If we want to complain, we have a right to! It was promised but never acted upon, which I agree, should be frowned upon.

    Maybe your thread was deleted due to some members thinking you were mocking JP. We all <3 him and maybe some people saw the joke as unecessary sarcasm. I don't know if that's the case, but it could be. Just my $0.02
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    Originally posted here by ebo
    you are wasting peoples valuable time and space by posting this.
    we're not talking manifest destiny here, just a pack of bubble gum.

    and yeah, the gum was great. it was a sour apple bubble gum like no other. the most succulent gum in the universe. i popped it in my mouth and was instantly transported to a world of orgasmic taste. you all missed out. it was a limited time only. but you had to pay that 2 for shipping and handling, so 1pizzaluvr4u, you should take your 2 back.
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    I think it's funny.. I don't know if it's correct to neg people because they don't find your joke funny....
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    Who said it was a joke. The original post was asking if the reason JP was selling AO was to pay for all the packs of "Sour Apple Buuble Gum" that was offered in return for applying for the position, and then their was an article stating that the job offer was false and only to obtain individuals information and from that now JP is selling AO and you think it's not something to think about. Man... False Advertisement is not a JOKE!. and because he published it and people printed it. Some people want their sour apple bubble gum or an explanation for all the shadiness behind AO.

    The reason I did not receive my bubble gum from AntiOnline, is because I now have a position at AO. or at least a lawsuite . Well, it's true, and if you did not happen to print out the article or gain access to this information, and you think your out of luck. It is still located on the web. Here.

    I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just sick of the games and I really do hate false advertisement. Knowing the fan base AO has, I'm sure he got thousands of responces and there is now way AO can fun that many packages of AO gum just to say sorry, you do not have the position, and that case he should have never posted that comment.

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    JBF, listen. This thread is really stupid. If you wanna bitch over a damn pack of gum, do it somewhere else. I doubt anyone wants to read about a bitching thread for a pack of gum.

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    This has to be the useless thread I've seen in.... well, hours.


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