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    Med Students

    Okay thate's this teacher and he tells his first year med-students that tomorrow they will be working with a dead body. Now the next day the teacher says, "The first thing about medicine is not to be scared or embarassed about any part of the human body so...... the teacher sticks his finger in the dead body's butt and sucks on it and tells all his pupils to do so too. After a hesitant few minuites all the students do this. Now the teacher says, "The second thing is observation. I stuck my middle finger up his butt, but I sucked on my index NOW PAY ATTTENTION!"

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    A good lesson for those followers out there.

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    moronic to the point that they know that their students will not examine every situation.
    i will shoot you so hard.

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    Just goes to show when somebody says pay attention, it's not for nothing!!!You might end up having one hell of a heartburn.That being said""How do you relief heartburn??---Take a raison,put one in your mouth and the other in your behind.Then just exchange it when you feel heartburn coming on.I can guarantee you will never have heartburn again..lol..
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