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Thread: Remote IP'S

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    Remote IP'S

    On my pc , i am running a cable modem and Windows XP.The firewall i am running is zone alarm.so anyway , there are all of these ips connected to my computer and when i whois them i get stuff like cablevision co. and names like that , but i thought that since i only have one cable modem running it only connects to one server ? am i safe ?should i be concerned?
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    whenever you connect to the internet you use a number of services that require connections, such as name servers, authentication servers and such. the more services you use...the more connections you have, like im, mail etc. and connections stay open for a while after you use them. for instance you'll still show your pop connection waiting a few mins after you've checked your mail.

    so id say your ok, but keep an eye out anyway
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