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Thread: utility that looks like netstat but offers more

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    utility that looks like netstat but offers more

    i waznt sure where to post this, but i wanted to know if there waz a utility out there that looked liked netstat - as far as listing all active network connections- but allows you to select the individual connecton(s) and kill them or get more info on them.

    i ask because i run os x1.5 and i run netstat in the terminal app and i see some connections that are active everytime i get online, i have ran ps aux, top, and i cant seem to find what is running these connections so i can kill them, i tried to run ettercap on myself but i keep getting an error {Interface not supported ( only DLT_EN10MB) | 9} and i have tried many different options but i cant seem to get it to run.

    i have thought that i may have some trojans but i ran norton (with the latest virus defs) and it didnt find anything.

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    Another idea might be to get a strong Anti-Trojan program like Trojan Hunter or another one, there are many free ones....they might pick up on somthing that Norton has overlooked...just a suggestion.

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    netstat -pant on linux machines will give you the application that is using the port. Have you tried all the commands for netstat?

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