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Thread: Fantastic Free! linux book

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    Fantastic Free! linux book

    Just thought id give this a mention. Its a fantasic linux book/tutorial. It can be used as a manual/howto for ppl who are already familiar with linux, or it can be used as indepth tutorial for ppl looking to learn linux. Its the most comprehensive book on linux I have ever read and best of all its a free download . (You can buy the book in paper form but its free to download as a pdf or as html.

    PDF - http://www.icon.co.za/~psheer/rute.pdf.bz2

    HTML - http://rute.2038bug.com/rute.html.tar.bz2

    A win32 version of bunzip2 for those on windows - I havent tried this.

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    Nice book.
    [gloworange]I pLaY mY eNeMyS lIkE a ChEsS.[/gloworange]

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    That book is by far the best basic linux book I have ever seen. I saw it in the store a year or so ago, and bought it, not knowing that there was a free online version. It does a very nice job of leading a newbie through all the things you need to know, and, for a more advanced linux user it is a very nice reference. By far the best explanations almost everything you might want to do with linux.

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    Hey thanks for the info!, on my way to download it now. Ive heard alot about linux but have not yet read up on it yet. Getting ready to go on a 7 month deployment so this should be some intresting reading. Was just surfin throught the site. And just happened to come along this tidbit of info. appreciate the post.

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    Excellent read! Great job on posting it.

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