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Thread: Any suggestions...(don't flame me)

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    Question Any suggestions...(don't flame me)

    Well i have made a web site for the SETI@Home's team i participated and i want your opinion about it, if you had any problems and if something doesn't look good. You can either leave now (and leave peacefully or if you are angry flame me) or help about the development of my site.
    Decide now...
    I'm waiting...

    Thank you for choosing to help me.
    You can go to this site by clicking here.
    For the english version of the site here or for the Greek version of the site here.

    As you have chosen to help please go to the site and search for anything bad-looking or broken links or anything else that is bad for the looking of the site or any suggestions of course.
    Any changes on the site will show your name and any other info about yourself if you want.

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    Got a 404 several times....
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    Page worked but got a run time error on line 161 for ratings. Once tha page came up it looked pretty good. There appears to be an issue in the lower left under change language.
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    When i went to the main link i thought it was kinda plain and thought you might be kind of retarded in looking for comments on it. But on clicking on the flag i was pleasantly surprised at the transition and the rest of the site is pretty nice.


    Loose the java script that hides where links point to with "welcome to the...” That trick has been pretty well played out. Personally i like to know where I'm going before i click on a link

    You might want to make the border equal 0 in the scrolling table, I’m not really sure about this though. I was looking with criticism in mind. Im very sure about the JS though
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    I get an error message when I start it as well. One quick problem you have: The link to the official SETI Home page is bad.... direct it to: http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ Also, the country links directing to SETI's country listings (on the stats page) don't work. I think anywhere where you linked to SETI's official pages, you have to replace the links with the new server.


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    Originally posted here by Tedob1

    You might want to make the border equal 0 in the scrolling table, I’m not really sure about this though. I was looking with criticism in mind. Im very sure about the JS though
    Not being a web developer I might be making the same point as tedob1.

    The scrolling news box border on the english entry page is actually overhung by the scrolling news.
    This was viewed at 1280x1024 in true colour mode with Mozilla 1.1 running under windows 98SE.

    on a personal note i'm not a huge fan of the colour scheme, but it looks neat enough, and it has the advantage of being a pretty quick loader over 56k.

    I'll have another poke around later, and see if i have any more feedback for you.


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    well first of all i went to the english version one and the whole thing was dead might wanna work with that

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    well at first i got the 404 error just for once then the 161 runtime also once.
    then ... i've noticed that:
    " The official SETI's programme. It work as a screensaver. It has bugs. "

    lol , wish microsoft do that as well ... has bugs !!

    site is cool. u did it all by ur own !!! good job
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    You need some more art work in it. I will say fix the bugs, and ge some more programs if you have any. Not bad though, just needs some more art work and maybe some more text. -Ebo

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    Thank you all guys, i am going to pay attention to your suggestions. Thanks. I also thinking of a new version of the site with the php-nuke 5.4 or 6.0. For some guys that send me some messages i'm not a pro web developer, but only a 13years old boy, knowing only some Javascript, VB6, a bit of C++ and even less Pascal. I apriciate your help.

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