redhat 8 and opera 6.01
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Thread: redhat 8 and opera 6.01

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    redhat 8 and opera 6.01

    got a problem with redhat 8 running opera 6.01 and opera exits for no apparent reason randomly quite a bit, anyone know what might be wrong, doesnt give any error messages at all, im only new to the linux thing and was wondering if no-one knows of a possible solution would one of the windows versions run under wine alright?

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    Im running redhat 7.2 with opera 6 and I have never had any problems with it. Opera on linux is up to 6.10 so it is probably worth updating to see if it fixes your problem. I personally wouldnt try using wine to run opera win32 on linux. Life is too short . If you cant get opera working why not use netscape or mozilla?

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    i like free so i like linux
    enjoy linux you will be happy!

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    hmmm... I had the same happening with the Opera 6 versions on RedHat 8.0
    Anyway why stick with the opera 6 for linux that hasn't a mail client? Move to Opera 7.11 for Linux i386, English (US) version. This is the most recent linux version, you can download it from

    I'm very happy with that version, also search the tutorial on AO on how to add fonts, so your opera on *nix experience isn't flat and unreadable

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