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Thread: the pumpkin smilie

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    the pumpkin smilie

    has anyone else noticed if you try using the pumpkin smilie it turns out like this?: umpkin:
    i think its becuase is a hole other smilie and the pumpkin uses the first part in it, i havnt seen this posted about before but was curiouse (maybe it works for some of you, id like to hear if it does) and this is my 100th post! yay @ me! anyway guys any feed back on this id love to hear (i like pumpkins)

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    lol.....I didn't know that....how ever...if I open the Smily thingy...my Exsplorer ****'s it self.....no....really...it does.....every thing goes all wonky....

    Yay Gore!

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    umpkin: test

    I noticed a while back that the pacman smilie was also not working, perhaps JupMed should dig through the smilies list (cuz there could be more).

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