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Thread: virus scanner / firewall for redhat 8?

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    virus scanner / firewall for redhat 8?

    anyone know of a good free virus scanner for redhat 8?
    ive been using AVG on my windoze box since i realised i should have one (ages ago) and now having switched to linux now need another one as im still trying to work out how to set wine up on linux

    also just to keep from having to write lots of new threads and look stupid is there a free firewall for redhat 8 you can download or is the one provided adequate for a home user who plans on having a windoze box on the net thru redhat as well (use redhat as a gateway system)?

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    There are plenty of good "free for personal use" virus scanners for linux IMHO f-prot is the best. Have a look at
    http://www.f-prot.com/download/getfplinfree.html. As far as firewalls go iptables which is included with redhat is perfectly acceptable for any use - home or otherwise. However it is a bit difficult to set up. But there are plenty of frontends available fro use with iptables. Do a search at freshmeat.net for iptables - it will give you a link to iptables as well as any program which uses it.

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    There are several ways you can find a firewall and v-scanner.

    Check out tucows.com or do a search on google with "free firewall redhat" or something as the keywords.

    As for what specifically is the best ones, I couldn't tell ya since I'm still trying them out here. But I've heard that Firestarter, SATAN and SAINT are those to look for in Firewalls.

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