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Thread: Heads Up to all our resident KaZaA users!

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    Heads Up to all our resident KaZaA users!

    Just found this on symantec's website, its a new trojan that has been discovered, which apparently spreads through the infamous KaZaA filesharing network.


    So, as always, be careful what you're downloading, update your AV s/w and remember to have 'show hidden known file types' enabled.

    You've been warned!



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    thanks r3b00+ ill pass it on to the people here with kids

    installs an ftp server, a monitoring program, and a mail server on the infected computer.

    nothing like making yourself right at home!

    could you imagine something like this getting loose on the military networks.

    <conspiracy theory>
    its a good thing the dmca enforcers informed the government first
    </conspiracy theory>
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    "installs an ftp server, a monitoring program, and a mail server on the infected computer."

    Doesnt kazaa already contain software that uses your excess bandwidth/cpu cycles?

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    Thanks for the info, i use kazaa all the time, so fingers crossed ill be fine!

    Thanks again


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    Damn. You may have just saved my ass from one very unhappy mother of mine. She uses Kazaa all the time to download music. We have gotten viruses before because of Kazaa, not to mention the 'open door' it creates into your system (firewall? what firewall?!...we don't need no stinking firewall!). Seems Kazaa is about as healthy for your computer, as is sucking down some arsenic for your birthday. Anyways, thanks. I greatly appreciate it. Besides, it'll be nice to NOT have to hear "well, I dont know..I clicked the button like I always do and now it's broke, can you fix it?"
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    I use Kazaa all the time but my box is werking fine. Just make sure you whatever you download dosent have a double extension. The other day, I downloaded a security tut, which said it was in HTML format.. but after the download was complete, i went to open it and I noticed it said something like "Computer security.html.exe" Always verify file extensions, even if you know where the file came from.
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    Yea, you just got to play smart: update definitions constantly.

    I remember a time when I was using WinMX. I found a particular file in a folder (on the remote computer) named "Sub7." Hehe.
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    And I don't know what they are, but I carefully avoid those things that seem to name themselves exactly whatever my search terms are, but are always the same 68k or so. Like a chameleon or something. (i.e., if I search for "spider-man doing the funky chicken on the end of a popsicle stick" my first couple of hits will be "spider man doing the funky chicken on the end of a popsicle stick.mpg - 68k"

    What the hell are those, anyway?
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    Well seems there was something to another thread where I was neged for lack of info. Fact anyone that uses a program (includes my midle son) to get for free should get a virus. Fact is all this P2P gives corps more hammers for more strict laws where one day the PC you buy will not allow even a taste of copyrighted material, because all this file sharing is destroying so many things because all billion of them think they are the only one doing it. If you were an artist and your income depended upon your work but it was passed about frrr would you be pissed? If you spend months years of your own time putting code together to have that software then passed about for free and you loose a means to live would you be pissed? While there is a heads up on this one fact is I buy my software, music, everything in life pay for the roof over the head, food on the table. Life is not one big freebie and a ton of people are now pissed because what they depended upon to make a living now is passed along for free, and most are held hostage by corps for a living. So would they let stuff loose yep and it is just the start, I simply have to "I'have NO so sorry for Kazza users", get a clue after mom and dad stop paying for your connect and ya need to make a living want what you passed around for free and not be able to make a living? To funny Artist that creat can also destroy their works if it will not provide a means to just live.
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    ive always thought that kazaa was bad, ive always used winmx, it is a better sharing program than kazaa with no spyware
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