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Thread: I saw the light!

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    Red face I saw the light!

    Hello ppl.

    I finally saw the light. This morning I woke up, and I was getting my Windows pc back out of sleep mode, as usual. I knew this could take like a few minutes, so made some coffee. When I came back, my old trusted windows pc was finally back from the dead, and ready to be played with.

    I was browsing the internet a little, and then it happend. The ****in thing went totally freaked. Closing windows, making strange sounds, the whole crap. Damn, there goes program nr 1, Trillian went down. Rrrrrrrrr, it went, RRRRRRR BOOM, there goes Photoshop 7..... the second window pops up 'This program needs to be closed', so I'm like..... mumble mumble mumble ****in MS mumble mumble.... bulding up frustration and agression.

    After another reboot, (the 8th one this week) i went back to my bussiness. Then I spoke to Rekcpy, my SickDwarf.com moderator, who told me about how easy partitioning during the installation of Linux Mandrake was. It all sounded cool, so I start downloading the ISO's, and after a search for those old HP cd's that I got with my burner, I burned the 3 ISO's.

    I'm like, well lets give it a try. 'Be sure to backup your data!', he said that multiple times. I'm starting to get doubts. Naaaa, **** it. I'm like uninstalling programs out of Windows, to make some space for the future Linux partition. Then it happend. CRRRRRRRRR it did it again..... my eyes were turning red again... RRRRRR, CRRCK. 3 windows pop up, all with the same text. 'This program needs to be closed'.

    Then something cracked. I fell to my knees and... oh wait no. That's another story. Anyways, In my fury, I stopt all uninstallments. I backupped any data that needed to be saved to my 16Gb D: partition, which was getting really full, and then I created the Linux boot disk.

    After restarting with the boot disk, and installation CD 1 of 3 in place, the install program starts. After setting some basic settings... the ultimate moment comes up. Partitions. I see a bar, presenting my harddisk, devided in 2 pieces. Presenting my 2 FAT32 partitions formally known as C: and D:. I saw this button. It said 'Delete'. I selected the Windows ( C: ) partition and, without hesitation, pressed the delete button. GRRRRR, I shall have my revenge evil Bill. I put a Linux swap partition and the main Linux drive in place. HAHAHA.

    After the long installation process (i clicked every checkbox that could be clicked, common) I restarted my PC, and Linux Mandrake 9.0 started. This was my first time in Linux. I've been using it now for 9 hours, and I aint never going back to those evil billidic product called Windows.

    Greetz, Respect, and hail the allmighty penquin.

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    Mandrake, Yeah! - That's what I did about a year ago. Haven't been dissapointed yet...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Oh....I want mandrake.....
    SOunds cool.....Hey...SD, where do you get your part's from...I'm building a new box and I'v been looking around....computerland look's good (www.Computerland.nl)

    If you know of any....just PM me....

    Nice post

    - Noia
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    I thought you were already addicted to linux before., for your server runs it etc. etc. But anyways HOERAAA !!!! Have fun and remember: You still have another 16 gb to fill with different distro's !!!
    Double Dutch

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    neel, no man. My servers run on Linux, but my server guys take care of that. I'm not gonna config my client's Linux servers while I don't know a thing about it. hehehe, anywayz MUCH better.

    Edit: Neel: I rent them and have them at AMS-IX ppl there know what they do, and take good care of them

    Another Edit: Noia, ik ga altijd naar dybabite. ze zijn wel duur, maar ja, voor mij is alles toch belasting aftrekbaar. hehehe

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