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Thread: Top Ten Target Ports

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    Top Ten Target Ports

    For anyone and everyone interested in Port Scan Attacks, I thought this might help. Whether you already know and this is rehashing your knowledge, or you're a dunce like myself and thought prior to coming here to AO, that ports are where ships docked at.
    I hope this is good info

    Plenty of links and explanations

    This website is pretty informative, hopefully you check some of the other links out on it. IF you don't and you're entirely too lazy to browse this sight (I know, I'm a lazy bastard myself) for the good links, I'll just post the page with the link summary for you.

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    For some reason when I checked out this url above, I noticed that it kind of looks alot like this website

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    Wow, that list has not been updated in a long time....

    Or else, they don't know what CIFS is. port 445 is microsoft-ds like they say, but no mention is made about the file sharing stuff it is.

    They should add a description for port 445, saying that it is CIFS, Common Internet file system. Which as of win2k is the replacement for windows file sharing. Ports 137 and 139 are still in use, but, windows 2k to windows 2k and above use 445/CIFS instead of the netbios stuff whenever possible.

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    ok first of all hi to all of you ao gurus this is my first post for now and am on antionline for full 1 year and half ... last night i saw that web page with all thoes ports and all that so i went to check my ip and normaly it said its safe and i dono why my friend neighber she was online so i dono i just dns her on irc and inputed ip and it said that ip was cracked so today al go and exam her machine to see whats going on

    thx for this helped alot

    btw if there is spelling mestakes sory english is my second lenguage and am still learning

    gratez to all
    c0z i can

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    Tha links were really useful in learning more about securing my system. ShagDevil thanx
    got a lot of studing to do, peace Qwest for knowledge! Most continue:-r

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