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Thread: Blocking IP Addresses

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    Arrow Blocking IP Addresses

    is there any way i can block certian IP addresses and subnets?
    i know my firewall at work does that but i cant use it for personal use or id get in trouble.. so any of u here have any suggestions?

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    Well were going to need the symantics of your system. OS ect... also do you have a personal firewall at home? Thats prolly going to be your best bet.
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    I presume that you are talking about a personal firewall for your workstation?

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    I also think firewalls will prob be your best bet.Agnitum's personal firewall can block both ip address and subnet mask you can download it from: http://www.agnitum.com/download


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    You might check into Norton Internet Security 2003. If there is an attempted attack by a trojan, for example, then the IP where it originated is automatically blocked for 30 minutes. During that time you have the choice to move the IP into the "restricted zone", meaning that it will be permanently blocked if you so desire.
    I have used this a couple of times and it is a comfort to know that I will not again receive any unwanted gifts from those particular IPs (hopefully).
    Incidentally, this software downloads easily from the Symantec website.

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    Well I can go into the advanced setting on my firewall even at home and do pretty much what I can do at work, not knowing the firewall your using at home hard to say. OS is not so important as what the firewall is really, and I don't fault being vague like I want people to know more about my OS or firewall then need be LOL Sure there are a few here you can PM, you've been about for a bit.
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