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Thread: problem with FTP server...

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    problem with FTP server...

    This one has me stumped.
    I recently moved my FTP server that is used exclusively for updating a webserver from one server to the other.
    it was on Windows 2000 server, now its on 2000 advanced server.
    the home directory is the wwwroot\websitesfolder directory, JUST AS IT WAS on the other one.
    Ive gone thru all the security settings, etc and they all look right. the only account logging in is Administrator.
    thats the way it should be. So I log in with administrator and it accepts me no problem.
    the problem starts when I try to get a DIR.
    it says its going to ASCII and then just hangs.
    I elminated the firewall by hooking my old server up and logging in, same thing, and I get my list.
    so its not that. The only difference in the two servers is one is Advanced server, and running NTFS, with service pack 3.
    the old one is plain 2000 server and running FAT32, with service pack 3.
    Ive tried finding things on google and microsoft and not finding much, Im turning here ... hope some one out there has seen this one before...
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    iis also requires a connection be allowed to inetinfo (beginning on port 1282) to preform the action you requested. if you fw's only allowing 20 & 21 its not gonna happen.
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