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Thread: Killing a Firewall

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    Killing a Firewall

    A couple months ago, while looking at a personal website related to Excite.com's Virtual Places, I clicked on a link which instantly shut down my Zone Alarm firewall. Was this possibly done by specific "scripting" that was embedded in the link itself? Or, to simplify things: Could scripting shut down firewalls?

    **I can't remember the link to the page this happened, since I had no intentions of ever returning after what happened**
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    i posted an article about a a program that can be send via e-mal or in a web page, and also how to protect your self from that program or script


    this are my 2cents

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    theres a way to do that yea, im thinking it would be a script, theres one my friend made as a gag that went threw and crashed your computer when the page loaded, and theres afew others you can do, i dont go for shutting down walls cause i have no reason to, but i did make a joke page with a friend once that would do a loop of pop ups till you shut down.

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    In direct answer to the question is yes it can be done, and a good reason why to not keep active scripting enabled. Just because it is a web site does not mean it is ligit after all cost what an entire 20 bucks for a domain now and less for a temp ISP. And from what I see of Excite now they hang in there but offer nothing really more then any other Portal but a means for them to sell your info, check the EULA, or TOS they can change it anytime and it will always be to their advantage only you are gonna have to ask them very specific. Not me just some small facts.
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