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Thread: Trial Progs

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    Trial Progs

    I was just curious.........

    When a trial program's time limit runs out, how does it prevent the user from simply reinstalling it and starting over?

    Does it leave a registry key? If so, can you delete the registry key, in effect restarting the time limit?

    THere has to be a way........
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    Yea reg. keys i tryed that once wiping out the keys (just for fun i pay for every software i use on a daily bases) and it still knew probably deep down really hidden somewhere ill take a look

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    Well just by altering the date and month, or year backwards about 2 months or so also enables you to use it again.I think it is defenitely embedded in the registry,and if you go to regedit and do a search on the software in question it would take you there more or less.But to see exactly where I am not sure
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