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Thread: DHCP configuration

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    Exclamation DHCP configuration

    Hello evryone,

    I have a problem with my DHCP server configuration in Windows 2000.

    I have configured the scope to have a lease duration of 7 days. I have Win98, Me and Win2000 Pro clients on the network.

    The problem is while the win2000 clients are booting up, if they cannot find the DHCP server, they assign themselves with the automatic ip range 169.254.x.x. evenif the lease had not expired. But the other win98 and Me clients work with the ip address they received from the server till the lase expires.

    Is there any way to make the win2000 systems also to work like 98 & me so that the network connectivity is retained evenif the DCHP server is down while they are booting up. Or is this the way win2000 behaves.

    Thanks in advance.

    Joseph John

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    Well answer is yes and no, best way to approach it would be to do login scripts for those users on 98SE and ME if not there may try a release renew script on those machines to release and renew, if 98 or ME gets confused it defaults to a lame deadend defined by M$. If your DHCP is down then Nope 98 ME will hold or default to a lame bogus IP or report the network is not found and unless you release the last known IP manually these OS's will keep it. Are you talking of DHCP being off or not working? DHCP can be down and only those stations already connected keep it. I usually found that most DHCP errors were from a corrupt jetdata error, caused from a long list check out M$ site for specific error codes that may be in your logs.
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    I think u need to put a static IP address in both WinME and Win98 then configure it in a Windows 2000 DHCP server !!

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