Feds, firms unveil test for security pros

A new certification program for entry-level computer-security professionals will officially get up and running Monday, said representatives of the combined industry-government group behind the exam.

The Security+ certification, brainchild of the Computing Technology Industry Association, could become a minimum requirement that would help companies and government agencies hire knowledgeable network administrators. CompTIA is made up of two dozen trade and government security experts, including representatives from Microsoft, IBM and the FBI.

Information-technology "security professionals, associations, and other appropriate organizations should explore approaches to, and the feasibility of, a nationally recognized certification program," the National Strategy says, "including a continuing education and retesting program. The federal government could assist in the establishment of such a program, and, if it is created, consider requiring that federal IT security personnel be appropriately certified."
Interesting (and possibly vital) for those who are looking to get computer security work with the government in the US in the future. There is an outline here of the areas that the certification covers. So while it's not quite as indepth or detailed as other security certifications, it appears to offer a decent sort of grounding in the field of computer security.