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Thread: Auto Disconnect

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    Auto Disconnect

    I wonder if anyone can help...
    I have a dial up connection to the internet i am from the uk and my isp is cable internet which has now changed its name to blueyounder and my o/s is xp HE.My problem is my connection auto disconnects if i leave it idle for a short period of time,like last night i left my comp for 5 hours came back and my net connection had dissconnected.I have also been using connection keeper which i got from http://gammadyne.com and set it to ping its default list of websites but my connection still disconnects,can anyone help?


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    em, right click on your internet connection in "network and dialup connections" and go to properties, set the disconnect time for dialup connection here.
    best o'luck.
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    ummmm i dont know but some isps have a cut of point like mine is 4 hours but you can reconnect straight away have a look into it

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